“Ass-3, ashtray and ass-three”: the remnant of a fallen tree or tree-stump is used as the archetype of a bench (“ass” and “three”), taken to the abstract extreme as a cylindrical container with bone-shaped recesses that, oddly enough, offer the ultimate in seated comfort. Its recesses resemble an ashtray, and the “3” refers to the third chair of Lens°”ass”. The “art of sitting” can be rediscovered or experienced through the geometrical form, the white color and the ambiguous materials. On the double ass3 you can be seated either face-to-face or back-to-back, depending on whether you are feeling interested, disinterested or conversational. Another prototype, a hollowed-out form, has been tried out as the “negative” of its “whole” predecessor, called ass(3)hol… to be read in Dutch! Material: Foam with elastic coating, the hollowed-out form in rotary plastic.