°bain noir
Bain noir by Lens°ass: a dressing gown in natural white. For its creation, Lens uses an enormous expanse of material. The pattern is based on the movement of dancing Dervishes, or the fighting matrix: when you pirouette you get the same effect. The collar is one large, rolled-up bath towel. The belt is attached so that there is no chance of misplacing it. Everything is a little oversized, even the sleeves, which you can double back completely. The result is a dashing, hussar-like appearance. And there is no more twisting and pulling when you sit with crossed legs. For the macho, the robe can hang open over loose shorts. For the more elegant ladies, the skirt’s round cut makes sashaying a pleasure. Bamboo by Santens: Santens has developed bamboo thread into a high-quality, fixed-loop terry cloth with a unique feel: it is incomparably soft, it absorbs better than cotton, and it’s 100% natural. To achieve this, only the finest of the threads made from bamboo, and only the most modern dying techniques are used. These provide the special glimmering colour. Laboratory tests show that the water absorbency of bamboo fibres is much greater than that of cotton. Bamboo grows in tropical countries in a pesticide-free environment. Bamboo has natural anti-bacterial characteristics that resist bacteria. That makes this terry cloth ideal for daily hygiene. In addition to its silky appearance and cuddly feeling, the material has a natural, invigorating coolness. A Belgian quality product for a Belgian product with style.