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The more mobile a person becomes, the more acutely grows his or her need for an own space. The kilobytes on your computer are stacked proportionally to the paper on our desks and list of rankings. The more often we dine out, the more attention we pay to a perfectly equipped kitchen and the more time we spend reading lifestyle magazines with recipes by world-class professional chefs and amateur cooks. We compensate taking a quick shower in the morning by our overenthusiastic health culture and spending hours of our free time relaxing in the bathtub. A survey on available bathtubs has pointed out that there are practically no bathtubs in which you can enjoy an ergonomically relaxing bath, capitalizing on this ‘slow’ trend. Ergonomic research, light-heartedly conducted on the beach, has brought us towards a different typology when it comes to shape: the head supported in the neck as in a hairdresser’s washbasin, an ergonomically sound backline, shaped as a ‘swimsuit’ with a minimal water content (52 litres instead of the average 120-300 litre-baths that are on the market), a ‘softly’ rippling surface giving you that holiday feeling, the water running into the bath virtually soundlessly over the entire length of the bath’s rim. The heating element has been placed on the back side of the bath. This bath not only heats the space, it will give its users the feeling as if they are being pampered in a Hammam, an Eastern bathhouse. The water will no longer need to be changed five times during the bath, because it stays warm. The heightened evaporation level ensures a temporarily higher moisture content, with a healing and purifying effect on your skin. Baths without water are also an option. Water used to wash hair is collected separately, behind the head rest. This extension does a double duty as overflow prevention. In spite of the modal ergonomic measurement assumption of an adult person, this bath landscape will also be a safe, pleasant and shallow bath biotope for playing toddlers. The innovative points of departure can best be described as follows: soft, slow, ergonomic, ecological and sexy.