°touch, °contact, °idé and °(s)light were born of the puristic idea of “marrying” wall and technology and “dematerializing”, uniformizing all the components. °led it be is a more refined version of the built-in wall sensors that react to your instructions at the slightest touch. ‘Led’ there be light! The contact (power outlet) consists of a standard single or double socket by Legrand. This is ordinarily used for recessed cable fitting. The cover-plate is made of ABS plastic. In order to make the switch plate lie flush with the wall surface, we have developed a plastering kit. This is a kit that the plasterer can install neatly into the wall surface, and then the socket can be placed inside later. °touch and °contact are the product of the purist concept of integrating all technology into the wall, ‘dematerialising’ all working parts… uniformising them. °led it be is a refinement of wall integrated sensors that react to your commands practically without touching. Material: fitted socket with plastering kit and a movable plastic plate.