°fool moon
The light of a perfect circle has always fascinated people. Examples such as the returning full moon and the natural phenomena ascribed to this (higher childbirth percentage, fertility, transformation from human to animal, etc.…), the archetypical form of a UFO, the shape of a gong, the sun and more are striking examples. Despite the full circle (full moon), its form allows it to be put in all types of positions: horizontally, diagonally, obliquely or vertically (fool moon). The large dimensions are easily recognisable and have symbolic value due to its imposed abstraction and has the possibility of demarcating or creating spaces. The dimensioning of the discus-shaped lamp allows us to pass each door diagonally and the limited height does not represent any restrictions, despite its large diameter (2 m), and can, therefore, be used in connection to lower building heights. Material: rotation mould – plastic