°secret 'air
°secret ‘air The °secret ‘air is a chair that turns into a table and vice-versa. It’s a piece of architecture, a hidden workstation, where you can place your laptop on the inside or hang your “unpaid bills etc.” between wide rubber bands so you don’t forget to pay them. The outside is a space for family notes like “Honey…. I’ll be home a little late!”, “Where are my keys?”, etc…. The “secretary’s drawers” form an original message board between colorful rubber bands. With the °secret ’air you can create your own office space in your home, where the user doesn’t disturb the other people living under the same roof and without screening himself/herself off completely from the other members of his/her household…. It’s also a great secret den for children, who love to use every opportunity to chat or play games…. Or what about a fun hiding place for your keys, wallet, correspondence or unread newspapers… without having to provide space outside the living environment. We are currently testing the interior lighting in the form of a flat and completely seam-free luminous sheet that follows the interior shell. We are bringing “design for all” back into the home. Material: prototype in wood, finished version in polyester