°barbecook®SHUT We always link ‘fire’ and ‘grill’ with a barbecue. The fire is lit by the occasional chef, the man. The grill ensures the meat is given those typical grill lines. The heat glow and the view of the meat ensure there is spontaneous communication. This is not the case in relation to a standard and essentially closed gas barbecue. The following combination was deemed to be the most readable towards the end user according to the customer: -A distinct grill made of cast iron (heat accumulation). -A chiefly heat emitting gas element (where the heat can be felt and seen). -Horizontally closing grill shutters (here comes the name “SHUT”; a ‘coupe feu’ to temper heat and to avoid striking flames). -A removable top screen in heat-resistant glass (which creates a hot intervening area, a salamander effect; the glass screen covers the unit when it is not being used). -A transformation of the handle of a wok ensures we can cook more extensively or, as is usual in the Asiatic kitchen, use it upside down as an oven. These options that are checked at every turn ensure that barbecue cooking stays “basic” and that a spontaneous cooking creativity is fostered…. An idea that is in sharp contrast with the trend of the “outdoor kitchen”.