For our own office, we found ourselves in need of a large lamp that would create an enclosed light zone above our conference table. After a long, fruitless search, we decided to design our own ‘mega-lamp’ that would create the sensation of a dome. The result came out something like a giant egg shell, a huge bell, a half-moon... everyone seems to call it something different. One nifty feature is the little ball, a highly sensitive touch-driven control that hangs inside like the tongue of a bell. The sphere is made of ABS plastic (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), which is cast in a vacuum mould. This is an exceedingly difficult process because of the importance of even weight distribution. The Sphere is suspended from a single steel cable, so the slightest imbalance would cause the dome to tilt. This means that careful attention must be paid during the moulding process to the thickness of the materials. This can be achieved by heating the sheet evenly and then rapidly but evenly cooling it after moulding. The sphere is available with 1 to 4 standard light bulbs as well as circular fluorescent bulbs, allowing a wide range of light intensities (from 40 watts to 250 watts) and colours. All the models come with a dimmer function by means of an aluminium ball at the centre of the dome as well as a modular dimmer in the switch box. Material: ABS Plastic, RAL-colour customisable for both interior and exterior. 3 sizes: 90/140/178 cm. We needed a large lamp that would create an encircling sphere of light above the conference table in our office, and so began the search. After a long and fruitless quest, we finally decided to design our own mega-light with the “sphere” of a dome. The result has been likened to a “Calimero” dome, a giant bell, a half moon…. Everybody seems to have a different name for it. The highly-sensitive, touch-controlled ball switch is a great little gadget that controls the light. Material: ABS plastic, optional RAL colors both inside and out. 3 sizes: 90/140/178cm