°touch °touch, °contact, °idé and °(s)light were born of the puristic idea of “marrying” wall and technology and “dematerializing”, uniformizing all the components. °led it be is a more refined version of the built-in wall sensors that react to your instructions at the slightest touch. ‘Led’ there be light! The touch switch works on the principle of a capacitive sensor. This sensor detects any non-metal object, particularly plastics and water-containing materials. The high water content in our bodies makes them detectable to the sensor. Since the circuit board has been mounted on a plastic plate, the sensor must first filter out the plate before detecting a presence. Without the filter, the sensor would constantly register. The output of the circuit board is a transistor that remains charged as long as the switch is touched. This means that a 24V DC teleruptor is required in order to switch the light on and off. Material: plastic panel with plastering kit